About Sterling Advertising

Sterling Advertising is an internet marketing firm with one simple goal:

–We want to help potential customers find your company on the web.–

Every day there are hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people looking for your product or service. If your site isn’t properly marketed, chances are these potential customers aren’t finding you. Instead, they’re giving money to your competitors.

Most business owners know that hosting a website isn’t enough. Having a website without proper marketing is like putting up a billboard in the middle of a vast desert. Sure, people could get there if you gave them detailed directions. But, you can’t expect phone calls from passing motorists.

Similarly, your website isn’t going to attract new customers unless it’s tied into the pulse of the internet. At Sterling Advertising, we help you become visible; we put your website where the right people will see it. Using our time-tested search engine optimization (SEO) and link campaign strategies, we can help you become a popular destination for people searching on Google, Yahoo, and other major engines.

In essence, we help you move your billboard from the lonely desert to the busiest intersection on Broadway. Hello, New York!

Our Story

Sterling Advertising was established in 2000 by SEO expert Sterling Beck. After years of helping companies find new clients and increase their revenue, Sterling decided to branch out from his freelance career and establish a business that values expert web work and dedicated customer service.

Since then, we’ve helped many small- to medium-sized companies surpass their web marketing goals. Take a look at our results-based portfolio to see just what we can do.

What We Can Do For You

At Sterling Advertising we offer dozens of internet marketing services such as expert-level SEO, link campaigns, professionally written articles, press releases, blogs, and more. We can work with you to design a complete package or you can choose individual services ala carte.

Unlike large internet marketing firms, we never outsource our work to other companies. Nor will we hand over your account to untrained employees, just out of high school and making minimum wage. All of our work is done in-house with experienced, professional marketers. Along each step of the way, you can talk directly with the people who are working for your site. We stand behind our marketing work.  

Learn more about what we do from our services page.